What our members say – Luca – Kdyoga at Home


My son Luca has started in September 2016 yoga with Kelly on a 1:1 basis.
Luca is 16 years old and is a anxious child. He also happens to have Down Syndrome, sensory integration difficulties and speech delay-meaning ,that he is unable to communicate his feelings.
Luca sometimes gets overwhelmed by life’s day to day inputs and he releases his stress by ripping clothes.

I was searching for a way or tool that Luca can access when life gets just a bit too much. A place he can go to within himself to find a corner of peace and a tool that helps him to release any stress in a more constructive way than by ripping his clothes ,something that doesn’t require speech.

Then we met Kelly,who started teaching Luca yoga on a 1;1 basis.

Kelly has a very unique and inspiring way to teach yoga, understanding all his special needs and anxieties but also clearly sees his strengths.
She instilled confidence, joy and love in every session and Luca started to become more secure within himself.

Luca now knows most of the postures, and sometimes I can find him in the evening after school in his room taking out his mat, and practicing yoga all by himself!
This is so beautiful,and I am so proud of Luca and thankful to Kelly-who has known all the time that Luca will be able to find his little place of peace within himself.

Luca now has the tool to help himself when life gets to much, practicing his posture and breathing techniques that Kelly taught him.

Luca has received 1:1 yoga sessions only 6 times so far and already the ripping of his clothes has been reduced – showing that he is much less stressed than he used to be.
He is more calm and most importantly more happy and confident.

Last week I asked him to teach me yoga.
We went to the park with our yoga mats and Luca showed me “how its done”!

There we where: Me and my lovely little boy who happens to have Down Syndrome, teaching ME yoga! ( I got lots of hugs too which made yoga even more special!!)
Its wonderful to see him more happy and confident and incredibly Luca has developed more speech to communicate his feelings to us, so that we can slowly understand more about his inner hidden world, that was for a long time not accessible to us.

Luca and me are looking forward to every yoga session with Kelly-which is more then just yoga: its like a beautiful colourful rainbow that just makes you smile.

Gabriela and Luca Benaglio